<article> ... </article>

HTML5 only. Represents a self-contained piece of content, such as a magazine article, blog post, reader comment, or other content that is intended to be independently distributable, reusable, or used in syndication. article elements may be nested, such as for comments associated with a blog post.

The publication date or time of an article may be provided with the new time element with the pubdate attribute. See the time listing for more information.

Start/End Tags



  • HTML5
   <h1>Further Research</h1>
   <p><time pubdate datetime="2010-01-14T03:13"></time>
   <p>An introduction to the topic...</p>
 <p>Content of the article starts...</p>
 <p>And another paragraph in the article.</p>
 <footer>Copyright © 2010 Jane Author</footer>

Rendered Example

article is a semantic element. Its rendering is dependent on style rules.