<isindex><isindex/><isindex />

Deprecated. Not in HTML5. Marks the document as searchable. The server on which the document is located must have a search engine that supports this searching. The browser displays a text entry field and a generic line that says, "This is a searchable index. Enter search keywords." The isindex element is not part of the form system and does not need to be contained within a form element. This method is outdated; more sophisticated searches can be handled with form elements.

Start/End Tags

This is an empty element. In HTML, the end tag is forbidden. In XHTML, the element must be closed with a trailing slash as just shown. Developers may include a space character before the slash for backward compatibility with older browsers.


  • HTML 4.01


Values: text
Provides alternate text (not the default) to be used as a query by the user.
<isindex prompt="Enter your search term">

Rendered Example

The isindex element is outdated.