<title> ... </title>

Required. Specifies the title of the document. All documents must contain a meaningful title within the head of the document. Titles should contain only ASCII characters (letters, numbers, and basic punctuation). Special characters (such as &) should be referred to by their character entities within the title.

There may be no more than one title element and it may not contain other elements.

Titles should be clear and descriptive. The title is typically displayed in the top bar of the browser, outside the regular content window, as well as in a user’s bookmarks or favorites list. Search engines also rely heavily on document titles.

Start/End Tags



  • HTML 4.01
  • HTML5


Values: text
XHTML and HTML5 only. Assigns a unique identifying name to the element.
<title>The Adventures of Peto &amp; Fleck</title>

Rendered Example

The document's title is a non-rendering element, but it may appear in the top bar of the browser window.