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This section organizes the elements in HTML 4.01/XHTML 1.0 and HTML5 into groups related to concept or function. Elements that appear in the HTML 4.01 specification only are indicated with “4.01 only”. “5 only” indicates the element as defined appears only in HTML5.

Setting up a document

body Content of document
head Document header
html Root element
meta Info about document
title Document title

Marking up text (Semantic)

abbr Abbreviation
acronym 4.01 only. Acronym
address 4.01 only. Address
article 5 only. Self-contained piece of content
aside 5 only. Tangentially related material
blockquote Long quotation
cite Citation
code Computer code fragment
del Deleted content
dfn Defining instance of term
div Generic block-level element
em Emphasized text
figcaption 5 only. Provides a caption for a figure element
figure 5 only. Some set of content that is referred to from the main content
footer 5 only. Information typically found at the end of the document
h1–h6 Emphasized text
header 5 only. Information at the beginning of a section
hgroup 5 only. Groups a stack of headings
ins Inserted text
kbd (“Keyboard”) Text entered by the user
mark 5 only. Marked or highlighted text
nav 5 only. Navigation
p Paragraph
pre Preformatted text
q Short quotation
samp Sample output (such as from scripts)
section 5 only. Section within a document
small 5 only. Small print (legal text)
span Generic inline text element
strong Strongly emphasized text
sub Subscript
summary 5 only. Provides caption for details element
sup Superscript
var Variable or program argument

Marking up text (Presentational)

b Bold text
basefont 4.01 only. Specifies font face for following text
big 4.01 only. Sets text in larger font
font 4.01 only. Specifies font color, size, and face
i Italic text
s 4.01 only. Strike-through text
small 4.01 only. Sets text in smaller font
strike 4.01 only. Strike-through text
tt 4.01 only. Teletype or monospaced
u 4.01 only. Underlined

Other text elements

bdo Bi-directional override
br Line break
center 4.01 only. Centers its contents
hr Horizontal rule


dd Description in a definition list
dir 4.01 only. Directory list
dl Definition list
dt Term in a definition list
li List item
menu 4.01 only. A list of short choices
ol Ordered list
ul Unordered list


caption Caption for the table
col Column
colgroup Column group
table Table for displaying data
tbody Table body row group
td Table data (cell)
tfoot Table footer row group
th Header cell
thead Table header row group

Images and objects

applet 4.01 only. Java applet
area Clickable area in an imagemap
audio 5 only. Embeds sound resource
embed 5 only. Embeds a media object
iframe Inline (floating) frame
img Places an image
map Image map
object Embeds generic media object
param A parameter used by an object element
source 5 only. Specifies source of media file
video 5 only. Embeds video resource


frame 4.01 only. Defines a frame
frame 4.01 only. Establishes a frameset document
noembed 4.01 only. Alternative content for frameset


button A programmable form button
datalist 5 only. A dropdown menu of suggestions for inputs
fieldset A grouping of form controls
form An interactive form
input A form input control
isindex 4.01 only. Makes the document searchable
keygen 5 only. A key pair generator
label A form control label
legend Caption for a fieldset
optgroup A group of options in select element
option An option in select element
output Result of a calculation
select Multiple choice menu or scrolling list
textarea Form control for lengthy text

Scripts and styles

noscript Alternative content when script can not execute
script Adds a script, usually JavaScript
style Inserts style information

Time and measurement

meter 5 only. Represents a value within a known range
progress 5 only. Represents the completion progress
time 5 only. Time or date

Ruby annotation

rp 5 only. Parentheses within ruby text
rt 5 only. Provides the text of the annotation
ruby 5 only. Text marked with ruby annotations


canvas 5 only. Area for rendering 2D dynamic graphics
command 5 only. An action within an interactive menu
details 5 only. A widget that reveals additional information